It is important to note that, when you color your hair you can face a reality that makes a drastic difference to your appearance. It either changes you for the better or provides a harsh reaction for the worst.Before coloring your hair, you first and foremost must consider the following, your skin tone and natural hair color should match with the color you intend to put on your hair,so you can then come up with the best shade for yourself.

3 Major differences in types of hair coloring.

1.Temporary: Usually this style of color is based and can be applied to pre-shading wet hair. They form a cuticle layer of the hair, that can be easily washed away. It is good for a quick, feeling, change probably for a one-off occasion.
2. Semi-Permanent: This type of coloring gives your hair a more noticeable effect that can last through to eight shampoo washes. It adds, enriches, darkens or lightens you color. This color gradually fades with time.
3. Permanent: This type of coloring will darken or lighten you hair and effectively cover white hair. You may need to retouch every six weeks, depending on how fast or slow your hair grow. It is important to cover the new hair growth when retouching.

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