Whether man or woman both are fashion conscious by nature. Learn the Latest in fashion trends and tips on how to rock clothing accessories such as shoes, jewelry, hair, dressing, and pets. Also Watches, purses,make-up to lipstick and above all inside stories about all time favorites celebrities, which no one misses in this life, that’s for sure; a fashion magazine survey reveals that 90% of men and women are inspired by Fashion trends and gossips, regardless, they will ever do it or not. What a magic, Fashion has!

In this world, we all try to look beautiful, if not possible then we try to act beautiful, if fail here, we try to think beautiful, and if this is not under reach what else to do, we read about beautiful. This is philosophy of fashion in easiest form. “Beauty is truth, truth beauty” said john Keats, but if he would be alive today, he would have said, fashion is beauty and beauty fashion.
Everyone seems to be obsessed from fashion. Well majority is authority; here are some fashion gossips and trends.


•Fashion clothing is the main interest of consumers. Top models of the country with highly ranked style, elegance in sunglasses or swimwear or some trendy design catch sight of billions with cat-walk shows, fashion stores and celebrities’ choice selection.
•The fun goes on all year with summer swimwear and light dresses to winters’s fur-coats and all time favorite jeans which are never out of stock.
•Top model Naomi Campbell was titled as hottest around. The top 10 ranking of good and bad dresses and personalities who wear them are hundreds in magazines everyday; let it be Hollywood or Bollywood or anywhere where magic of fashion is alive.

•Believe it or not fashion trends extend to pets and watches too. One pet was titled “cute or creepy “with a cute image of a very creepy dog. Apart from pets Watches aren’t behind at all. Men are obsessed with watches more than women and spend millions on them.
•Watches of all colors are available on internet, fashion stores with fancy, unique, costly and very costly watches wandering here and there, women are obligatory attracted too.

•Shoes are all time favorite for everyone.
•From flip-flops to tennis shoes a list of various cheap and costly shoes is available with new designs, styles and trend-setting products from a network of industries attached to shoe business.
•The sexy summer shoes and hot winter shoes are just examples of showing “how cool you will look wearing them? Inviting people to these irresistible punching slogans.

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